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The Metamorphic Gift

Simple Techniques to Transform Your life?

The Metamorphic Gift - BookIn this book, you will discover how the power of the breath can help bring overall wellness and vitality to your life. Breath is metamorphic, meaning that when you realize how to breathe correctly and discover how breath affects the entire body, then a complete physical transformation can occur. Your awareness expands, and life becomes clearer and more meaningful. You can understand your Divine purpose in life. Depression, negativity, darkness, anxiety, fear, judgment, ego, pain, emotional turmoil, trauma and drama can all disappear. Your life will become brighter, more beautiful, clearer, creative, light, happy, fun, sensitive, enlightened, pain free, and more empathetic.
Like a caterpillar that was once trapped in a cocoon, you will become free to fly again, seeing the world through a different perspective. Similarly to a butterfly that now has wings to soar, you will have a new vitality in your legs, stepping into hope and aliveness. Just promise that you finish this book in its entirety and I guarantee you will understand how the mind, body, and soul truly connect. Life will make sense and have meaning
My previous book, titled The Wellness Equation: Exploring the Healing Connection between Yoga and Medicine, is the first book that I wrote as part of a series. This volume, The Metamorphic Gift, is a continuation of that series. The knowledge in both books is not only meant for health care professionals, but also for every human being throughout the world. Although some technical terminology is used within this book, the explanations will be simple and understandable so that any ordinary person can easily obtain the information and apply the tools in everyday life.
If you are a health care professional, it would also be most beneficial for you to learn and absorb this material. Why? Because as a health care professional, you are considered a caregiver, and on a daily basis, you are sharing your expertise and wisdom to help clients improve their health status. You, too, have a mission to share what you learn and experience.
I decided to create this book with three reasons or goals in mind. All of them were not only taught to me, but were also shown to me as part of my journey. They came to me from many years of challenges and struggles as I was growing and evolving. They arose throughout my physical therapy career, my athletic background, my worldly travels, my ongoing continuing education, and my responsibilities as a mom and a wife. In other words, they came from all the different roles I played throughout my life and all the years of struggling to find my true self, diminish my ego, and find balance within this high speed, advancing society.
The first purpose or reason is to teach you about Breath and the Power of the Breath. The majority of our population does not know how to breathe properly. Do you think that you are breathing correctly? Improper ventilation can lead to medical issues. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if you are breathing correctly? In fact, research shows that yogic breathing techniques accelerate therapeutic gains for numerous conditions, such as back pain, scoliosis, tonal issues, temporal mandibular or jaw joint problems, pelvic floor issues, and numerous circulatory and respiratory disorders, not to mention all the calming and refocusing effects it has on the body. It is that simple! Learn to breathe to heal your ailments and prevent future disease.
The second goal is Body Awareness. Ask yourself this: “Do you consider your body as an object or something that truly belongs to you?” In other words, do you acknowledge your body or talk to it like an IT? For example, if you have a shoulder problem, do you say, ‘’ My shoulder hurts” or “It hurts?” Giving your problem to someone else and not acknowledging that your shoulder is a part of you will not get you better. Connecting to your body, by looking at your shoulder, talking to it, and touching it with gratitude and love, will definitely make it feel better. Within our society, we prefer someone else to fix our problems. Guess what? You have your own internal tools to connect with your body, and they are free!!
The third reason for designing this book is to teach you how to get out of conformity and into Creativity. Do you feel that you are a person who can step out of the box and be creative, or do you feel that you follow what everyone else does? Fear and judgment are often attached with not wanting to step out of the box. As a therapist, I have had the most success when I tune into what my clients need for healing, and then I assist them by creating functional, enjoyable, and out of the ordinary exercises and equipment to help them help themselves. Do I look silly teaching these exercises to my clients? Yes, but they have fun, and I get the honor of discharging them because they feel better.
So, this book is vehicle to expand your information about each of those three important areas, and when you are done reading this book, I guarantee that you will feel more knowledgeable and have all the tools you need to evaluate respiration effectively and create hands on, anytime exercises and body awareness skills. Better yet, you will be able to apply all of this information immediately after you finish the last page of the book. Sound exciting! Are you ready to get started? Let’s not wait any longer. Time is ticking!


Michelle LindseyThis book was written so that you will be able to complete the following objectives:
1. Discover how the breath is one of the most important assessment tools in therapeutic evaluation and treatment.
2. Witness how low-back pain can be a result of improper ventilation.
3. Experience how proper ventilation techniques alone can heal a client.
4. Understand how a properly functioning core can keep all of one’s anatomical systems balanced.
5. Explore how proper ventilation equates to wellness.
6. Increase your awareness of your body and all your body’s connections through education and hands on experience.
7. Recognize ways of exploring and finding your own unique creativity -- of thinking outside the box.



The Metamorphic Gift is available for purchase here [ read more ]

Exploring the healing connection between yoga + medicine

Author Michelle Lindsey, PT, MBA, CPT shares practical, simple, highly effective yoga techniques that will enable you to become more aware of your body and breath, creating peace, enjoyment of your life and improved health. Michelle blends her experience as a phyiscal therapist and certified personal trainer with her Kundalini Yoga practice, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. You will find hands-on postures, exercises and learing experiences. If you are a therapist, she has also included information on how you can receive optimal reimbursement when implementing therapeutic yoga in your practice.

The Wellness Equation - Book

  • Medical practitioners
  • Alternative healthcare providers
  • Physical therapists
  • Personal trainers
  • Chiropractors
  • People struggling with addictions
  • Those seeking greater overall health
  • Anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life

“This is excellent information. I have had the immediate opportunity to implement elements I learned about patient care. Transitioning from poses to increase and decrease base of support in itself is a powerful tool, but when combined with root chakra unwinding and the breath, it becomes exponentially beneficial to patients. It is time for therapists to discover the powerful tool that yoga is. This book facilitates that.”
Peder Dahl, Physical Therapist Phoenix, Arizona
“This magical book brings together the wisdom of modern physical therapy and the ancient yogic understanding of the body — a must read! Ms. Lindsey provides us with a rich grasp on how to build your body for a healthier, happier life.”
Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, KRI Senior Lead Trainer

The Wellness Equation is available for purchase here [ read more ]