Rising Star Therapy Specialists LLC

"Michelle thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experiences! The combination of holistic and approach and the medical model was excellent and something to strive for!"
Brook G., PT, ATC, Bloomington, IL

"Michelle gave us a unique, unexpected approach to treatment that I cannot wait to incorporate into much of my client base."
Dana T., PT, STS, CEAS, Schaumburg, IL

I have been using what I learned at your training only two days later! Specifically, this past Friday, I realized that one of the 3-year-old students that I work with has scoliosis (right thoracic convexity - is that the correct terminology?). The important part here is that I was able to alert her mother to start the process to replace her stroller-type wheelchair, with one that can be fitted to her, to prevent further deformity, or maybe even provide some correction!
I am so excited to be able to be effective for this child, thanks to you!
Thank you so much!
Debora Wilbert, MOT, LOTR

"Michelle did a great job-best workshop in a long time. Lots of practical/hands-on ideas. Thanks!" Monika S., OTR/L Morton Grove, IL

"Great seminar. Information is very useful to me as I have patients with many different types of stressoSr and often have low back pain. I can use this with them right away!"
Theresa K., FNP, ANP, CNM, Chicago, IL

"Excellent! A great balance between theory and application. Very practical and informative." Tony B., PTA, LMT, Momence, IL

I just wanted to send you a note to tell you that you have been a great influence on me in my everyday life. I have started to finally do the Mudras and eye focus daily as part of my meditation. I have know for a long time that I should be doing it, but you finally gave me the kick that I needed-so Thank You!

You were a wonderful beginning to helping me find my center and being more grounded with myself. Something I have been struggling with, and now have just let things finally begin!
Julie Gavin - Bloomington, Illinois

I really enjoyed your course yesterday and personally benefited because I felt great the rest of the day. I am the 50 year old falling apart person....:)
I am in private practice and see mostly pelvic floor dysfunction, etc. What you taught is an added component and made me want to include it in my practice, but I feel like I need to practice first, then use it with clients....or just go to India! :)

I may have questions later, but just wanted to express my appreciation and support for what you are doing. I could so easily see this turn into a certified, multi-leveled course. At the very least it has peaked my personal interest enough to pursue that direction on my own. I also appreciate how you emphasized throught the course the self-care which healthcare providers so often overlook, ignore, delay, etc.

Hope things go smoothly with your delivery ( Lucky little guy!) and I look forward to future classes!
Take care,
Lynne Odom - Nashville, TN