Rising Star Therapy Specialists LLC

10:00 AM
11:00 AM

Scottsdale Civic Center

3939 N Drinkwater Blvd,

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


Yoga For Everyone - Link to buy tickets



Michelle Lindsey PT, MBA, CPT, CERTIFIED KRI YOGA INSTRUCTOR, REIKI http://www.yogacademy.net/

Main Stage 10-11 Michelle will guide us through proper breathing techniques and explain how breath can help back pain, joint issues, pelvic issues, anxiety, and numerous circulatory and respiratory disorders.




Check-In, Drop Your Bag & Grab Water

Sign in, get your swag, drop your bag, and set up the yoga mats.



Main Stage: Breathing workshop (Michelle Lindsey)

Serenity Tent: Beginners Class (Jacqueline Switzer)

On the Greens: Kids yoga class (ages 6-13)



Main Stage: Workshop

Serenity Tent: Vision Creation Implementation workshop

 (Jennifer Mathews)

On the Greens: Understanding Energy All ages

(Karen l Cimaglia) 



Main Stage: Gong ceremony (Jere Friedman)

Serenity Tent: Yin class (Tiffany Cramer)

On the Greens: Qi Gong ( Yuri Grevtsev) All ages



Main Stage: Yoga class flow

Serenity Tent: Goddess Class (Jennifer Mathews)



Main Stage: Yoga class Mindful flow (Maejima Harumi)

Serenity Tent: Yoga arm balance/flow (Tanya Shaw)



Main Stage: Yoga dance flow (Ashleigh Paul)

Serenity Tent: Yoga power class (Leanna Diane)



Drum circle & dance party

(DJ Ascension & Daniel Hirtz & Ashleigh Paul)